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Knobotech offers the complete pipeline of services to succesfully develop, launch and maintain a mobile and/or web app. Our full-stack developers can deliver all components required to power an app.

  • Apps for iOS and Android

    We create mobile applications that run on iOS and/or Android devices. The app can also be published as a web app to make sure any user can use the app regardless of device.

    • Ionic – hybrid and progressive web apps
  • Web Apps and Websites

    We create custom websites and web apps that are specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements. No templates.

    • Angular - web apps
    • Laravel - websites and web apps
  • Cloud Services

    We develop any additional components that may be required to power your app. Examples include centralized user data, data storage, communication and notifications, etc. These services run on a server in the cloud.

    • GraphQL - JSON API
    • Custom API - written in Rust or Python
  • Graphics

    We offer a limited scope of in-house graphic design services for icons, splash screens and simple images as part of the app or web app development. For more complex graphics we will work with another agency.

    • Icon & splash screen
    • Simple graphics

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Developing a new mobile or web app takes around 3-6 months depending on the complexity of the app. App development consists of the following steps:

Step Action Description Time
1 Planning Discussing the requested features and prototyping if needed. 2-4 weeks
2 Developing Coding and building the app. 6-12 weeks
3 Testing and Revision Beta test with feedback from selected users. 4 weeks
4 Launch Publish the app in the App Store (requires approval from Apple) and Google Play Store. 1 week

From idea to final product

We offer the complete pipeline to build an app and any additional components.

Our Promise

We are committed to building an app that fullfills your expectations and a great experience for end users.

Safe and secure in the cloud

All applications and websites are deployed on high availability clusters that provide reliable uptime and failover redundancy.

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